February 12, 2008

Hari yang Busan..

huarrghh..im so sleepy..

Actually,da lama i x update the blog and photo..why.??

semenjak 2 menjak nie i don't have much time to take picture or to update the blog..

insyaAllah..i will..

today,i planned to meet my old friend at Shah alam(Mr Anaz)and myDada(muk2)..hehehe..so,in between..hopefully ada pic baru yg diambil ari ni..hehehe.

Oh yea.I heard that the Red Diva already pindah rumah..hehe
wahh...makin hebat redmummy nie..and i want u to know that..i'm the one of ur registered fans!

nway..to redmummy..stay in blooging ur new stories.. :)


cHaDacHaDa said...

gi dating eyh?


JD-Kiss said...

ha'a a chadachada..

kita g dating ngan dak muk2..hehehe

cHaDacHaDa said...


dating yea demukest?