January 4, 2008

The First Speak

So this is our first time taking photography seriously.
Before this,we were messing around with the W850 phone camera and now we have our Kisshiro!

Sape Kisshiro?
It's our chumel DSLR.

Just like the other beginners, we hope to develop our interest time to time.We hope to have some advice from the expert and critics are welcome.

Jangan malu segan..
Tunjuk ajar kuuuuu sifoooooo!
And here are some shots we've been taking these two days.
Penat tapi happy giler!


chinta said...

tersangat la bongkak pict anda berdua..............

JD-Kiss said...

biasa laa.hehe

Miss Nazla said...

eh! air asam limau. sedappp

JD-Kiss said...


sungguh sedap dimakan begitu saja...woooo ;)

intan said...

nice picture but more2 work on looking for dramatik picture.... :)